When you work with me
no athlete is left uncovered

If you have the desire, I have the method, the knowledge and the drive to help you rediscover your inner athlete. To me working together is about guiding and encouraging, creating accountability and moments of truth to simply make magic happen. Every athlete needs a coach to achieve goals and break barriers.

Hey you, athlete within…

This is what I do to help people rediscover
their inner athlete and be active again

No matter where you are right now, if you’ve morphed into a couch potato or are training to run a marathon, the athlete within lives inside of you and it can be rediscovered at any moment. That’s what I do and I absolutely love seeing your athletes come to life.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of letting go and embracing new opportunities.

I have created, trialled and tested a 10 step process to help you rediscover your athlete within. I work closely with future inner athletes and give them strategies and ideas to help them along the way. When I coach I give it my all and I make it my priority to listen, understand and offer my knowledge and support. What fuels my own athlete is to see my clients flourish and enjoy a life they didn’t even know they could experience.

Work with Brett 1:1

We offer three different coaching packages. Brett can work alongside you to guide you with care, support and knowledge as you go through the process of rediscovery and transformation.

There is a limited number of people Brett can coach at any one time so get in touch with us to talk about availability and discuss the pack that can work best for you.


For those who want to take the first step



You’ve heard it before. Like many things in life, starting is often the hardest step…and finishing can be even harder. This program is designed to help you dive deep into your past to identify your athlete within, understand where you’re at right now and guide you to put steps in place to take you where you want to go. It’s about giving you confidence you’re moving in the right direction.

The aim is for you to walk away with a personalised plan that is compelling (you want to do it), progressive (you want to keep doing it) and sustainable (you actually can do it). 

I believe in your athlete within and I’m here to guide and support you along the way. Together we can map out a game plan that works for you and the steps needed to go after your best life. And here are just some of the things we will work on:

  • Get to know your inner athlete
  • Identify the things that hold you back and propel you
  • Create clarity around your reasons and your goals
  • Shape an effective plan to execute
  • Tackle your ultimate upsetter and take the first step

Cost – $1200 AUD

Brett Lillie

Where to from here?

If you would like to work with me 1:1 to create a personalised plan and kickstart your journey of rediscovery, email me at and we can arrange a time to talk and start the conversation.

For those ready to make a long-lasting change and live the life of their Athlete Within



Mastery comes in many shapes and forms but the one common thing is that real mastery takes time. I really enjoy working with people over a period of 12 months as I get to offer my guidance and advice through the highs and lows that come with deep, lasting change. This extended time gives us a chance to work together and progress through the 10 steps of Rediscover Your Athlete Within, incorporating strategies and frameworks in a structured program.

As a coach I’m encouraging, supportive, present, understanding but also firm when I need to be. 

My job is to get you past the honeymoon period and excitement of your journey of rediscovery and help you ride the waves as you dive deeper into your Athlete Within. The ultimate goal being injecting more movement into your life in a way that is sustainable and above all fun.

The real value in working together comes from 1:1 sessions that are planned and tailored around YOUR Athlete Within, where you are right now and where you want to go. We will have a first session where we map out your goals and objectives for the year, moving then to a monthly 2hr session to keep you on track, review your progress, tackle any road bumps and ensure you’re all set for what’s ahead. 

Through all this you will have access to my knowledge, experience and the deep thinking behind the process of Rediscover Your Athlete Within and of course you can check in with me if you have questions in between sessions. 

This coaching program will encourage you and keep you focused so you can:

  • Rediscover your inner athlete and the promise of your future
  • Develop your rituals and routines
  • Maximise resources in your environment
  • Learn strategies to keep momentum
  • Build the habits that produce results
  • Work on mindset to promote success and growth
  • Learn exercises to prime your body 
  • Explore different ways to increase performance and maximise recovery
  • Set achievable targets to build confidence and get you close to your goals
  • Incorporate movement in your lifestyle for longevity

Cost – $1100 AUD/month based on a 12-months commitment

I also offer a more intense coaching programme where I meet with my clients twice a month (60-90 minutes each time). This structure works really well for people who are after solid guidance and want more regular check-ins. Maybe you have big plans for you Athlete Within or you haven’t been active for a very long time and need a bit more care and support, or maybe you just need someone to keep you accountable through it all. The cost for the intense programme is $2200 AUD/month based on a 12-months commitment.

Where to from here?

This option is on demand so you can start whenever you’re ready. The best thing to do is to give me a call so we can have a chat about your Athlete Within and start the process.

For those who’d rather do it with a friend – or make new ones



Some of us just work better in a group setting and this coaching programme is designed just for that. You could form your own group: get some colleagues together and inject some much needed fun and movement in your day to day at the office. Or you could invite friends along who want to be more active, have a break from the business of life and experience something that will shake up the routine and open up more possibilities. Or you could join one of my coaching groups – I start one every three months – and meet new friends who want more in life just like you.

However your mate pack looks like, I like to keep the group pretty small (6-8) so you all have a chance to get the most out of our sessions. I can also tailor the pack to accommodate larger groups, this is ideal for corporates who are keen to establish a health and wellbeing programme for their employees.  

This is how the mate pack works. We will have a first session when we get to know each other and work together to map out your individual goals and objectives for the year ahead. Then it’s game on. We’ll meet monthly for a couple of hours to work together and check in on your progress, share your learnings and recalibrate, making sure the group is ready to go the next step.

In between session is where a lot of the magic happens. I’ll keep you motivated, I’ll share information weekly, there’ll be surprises and challenges and even some fun games so staying active and being your Athlete Within becomes second nature and above all something you love.

As we go through the 10-steps process of Rediscover Your Athlete Within, I will

  • Help you rediscover your athlete within
  • Challenge your beliefs and help you build habits that turn into results
  • Work within your group dynamic to boost your individual progress
  • Give you fun challenges to keep you motivated
  • Facilitate structured discussions 
  • Give you platforms to share your progress with your mates
  • Check in to address your questions

Cost: $290AUD/month per person – based on a 6 months commitment

Where to from here?

If you’re interested in joining one of my coaching groups or set up your own, let’s organise a phone call so we can have a chat and find the best option for you.

Hear it from awesome inner athletes

Rebecca and Simon Turner

We owe our awareness and wellness to Brett. He is not just hands on but ‘mind on’

Angela Garcia

If there is someone who knows what they’re talking about – its Brett! He is so knowledgeable and has a knack for educating his clients so they want to continue working on themselves. Thank you Brett for inspiring us to be the best we can be.

Ben Matthews

Brett has fundamentally changed how I think about rehabilitation and recovery.

Upcoming workshops

We are coming to you! Join us for 3 jam-packed hours of learning,rediscovery, inspiration, fun and movement to help you become more athletic and active in the way you live your life.

Saturday 22 July 2023
Saturday 3 June 2023
Saturday 12 August 2023

Rediscover your athlete within retreat

A 4 day full immersion into rediscovering and becoming your athlete within.

Join our FREE monthly webinar

On the first Thursday of every month we host a 30 minute webinar to share our top tips, tools and ideas to help you rediscover your inner athlete. We might dive deep on one of the book’s 10 steps or share our latest discoveries. We might set some challenges and even teach you a few simple warm up routines. You’ll definitely learn something new and have some fun along the way.