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“Movement is the key to longevity, but as we grow older, staying active can be a challenge as we inevitably deal with niggles and pains. But these don’t have to stop you from living the best years of your life.

With DNS and functional rehabilitation, you can build solid foundations for your body to move effortlessly at any age, ready to Rediscover YOUR Athlete Within.”

Dr Brett Lillie

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You have put up with chronic pain for a long time, injuries are slowing you down and you want to find a solution that is effective and sustainable
You are embarking on the journey of rediscovering YOUR Athlete Within and you want your body to be ready to support the changes you wish to make in life
You want to lift your performance, break plateaus and push your body harder when you train
Dr Brett has been studying and practicing functional rehab for over 20+ years and is a certified DNS practitioner from the Prague School.
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Dr Brett’s DNS journey

A few years after a serious motorcycle accident, I started experiencing neck pain and debilitating migraines. I was already practicing chiropractic so I did everything in my arsenal to try and manage those awful headaches. At times I was feeling good but I was never functioning at my best. I knew then I had to find answers to shift my situation and find solutions to help my patients who were experiencing chronic pain just like I was.

At that time I learned a group of Australian chiropractors was planning to go to Prague to observe and learn from neurologist Dr Karel Lewit, who was considered the grandfather of musculoskeletal medicine. He was the founder of modern diagnostics and therapy of spine-related diseases, as well as manual and reflex therapies. What was planned as a short visit became a week-long deep dive I will never forget and that’s when I embarked on my very own DNS journey.

The migraines went and my clients now had tools they could use themselves to progress. I went back to Prague many times since that first visit and have continued to further my knowledge and skills through the years. In particular, I have been studying the principles and techniques of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation with Prof Pavel Kolar and received my certification from the Prague School of Rehabilitation in 2010.

To this very day I apply DNS daily on myself and my clients to make sure our bodies are stable, centred and ready to take on life.

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Being disable and a Paralympic athlete, Dr Brett would keep my body tuned & my mind focused. This gave me the scope to prepare for my goals.

Julie Isle

Brett has been my chiropractor for nearly 20 years. We linked up when I was doing some work remotely for the 2004 Athens Olympic Games and spending too much time at my desk. While he’ll never get me back to competition, I’m now able to attack my days with more vigour and purpose.

Ray Mason

Brett helped me to recognise movement patterns that had developed in my body over time and were detrimental to functionality. It is an ongoing process, but his work has helped me maintain a greater level of movement with less chronic pain.

Suzy Strout

Dr Brett practices DNS to help with

Chronic Pain


Neurodegenerative conditions

Post-op/injury rehab

TMJ pain

Physical performance

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Stability before strength - the heart of DNS and functional rehab

Functional rehab is all about developing skill sets and knowledge to better understand how to use your body as you move forward and progress.

The focus of DNS consists in looking at how your body moves from “within” to help identify injuries, weaknesses and pain mechanisms that may be holding you back. It’s about turning the attention to YOU first so you can successfully progress on YOUR journey to recovery and performance.

With my experience and knowledge of DNS and rehab I can give you simple and effective strategies to help


TMJ and orofacial pain

You may not know that the headaches, neck pain and migraines you have been experiencing for quite some time could actually be caused by masked issues connected to your TMJ (that joint sitting right between your temples and the jaw).

TMJ has a strong relationship with your bite, head posture and cervical spine (your upper neck) and related issues can manifest right through the way you breathe, sleep and use your tongue. It can also limit your movement and even affect your speech, with pain being the common denominator. DNS is one of the techniques Dr Brett uses to assist with TMJ pain.

Dr Brett’s team approach has seen him work with many dentists and specialists through the years to help address TMJ issues from a musculoskeletal perspective. He has studied under Dr Steven Olmos, Dr Mariano Rocabado and Dr Mayoor Patel.

In Australia, Dr Brett has been presenting at various conferences on the topic and continues to promote awareness around the correlation of TMJ, spinal structure and sleep/breathing disorders.

Dr Brett has been a member of the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain since 2012 and is also a guest member of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Orofacial Pain.

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