I have been speaking to audiences in
Australia and beyond for decades.

Whether I’m on a big stage delivering a keynote or running a seminar
for a corporate. Presenting a workshop for clients or shooting a webinar
for our community. I speak with spirit and heart, integrity and honesty,
driven by the desire to help people achieve their best.

For me being a speaker means

Delivering inspiring content with honesty and passion.

More than that, it means connecting and engaging with your audience making
sure everyone leaves the room at the end of my presentations itching to make at least one change to the way they live their lives.

I want your events to be memorable and successful and I will give it my all to do exactly that. My motto is “don’t keep it to yourself if you can help someone else” and so I will share simple frameworks, effective strategies and many impactful stories to challenge and inspire your audience to simply be their best.

My current speaker topics

No matter how big or small your audience is, finding the right presenter with the right topics to engage, educate and entertain your audience is essential for your event’s success.

We offer the topics below either as keynote presentations or workshops (in person and online). They are just a guideline for you to get some ideas going. We achieve the best results when we work closely with our clients to tailor our content to their needs.

How would your life change if you rediscovered your “Athlete Within”?

Ever gone through one of those phases, a slump, a time in your life where you are merely existing, everything feels the same and you’re pretty much on the course to become exactly who you don’t want to be? Ever felt a need for a jolt, a burning desire to take charge of your life and steer it in a direction where possibilities are limitless and fulfilment is just part of living every day? What if you could do just that by reconnecting to your past, to your inner athlete, so you could have the knowledge and renewed hunger to redefine your future and go after it?

This keynote is designed to do exactly that. Challenge you to understand what drives you, how you see the world, what obstacles you create for yourself and the resources you already possess to get you going. Encourage you to bring “more you” to the table and give more meaning to what you do. But also inspire you to become more active as a solution to the many barriers that are between you and your dream life. 

Engaging, fun and full of relatable stories, this presentation will give invaluable insights and heartwarming hope to everyone wanting to live their best life.

Is it ever too late to rediscover your “Athlete Within”?

As a kid all you wish for is to grow up and be an adult. As an adult you hope to grow old, healthy and happy. Then, as you grow older, you are reminded over and over that it all happened when you were younger. Wait a minute, this doesn’t sound right. In fact, you can change this old narrative when you rediscover your athlete within, because actually real growth has its foundations in maturity. When you hit the middle point of your life, you have so much more knowledge and experience under your belt. Your values and perceptions change and you desire more meaning in what you do and want to achieve. Yes, your body may not stack up against the image you have of yourself in your younger days, but by rediscovering your inner athlete you’ll be able to understand, embrace and celebrate what you have right now and redefine a more active, happy, fulfilled future. It is time to challenge age-old beliefs and get inspired to take charge of your life right now.

Could "rediscovering your inner athlete" be the best business development strategy ever?

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt recently is that businesses need to be adaptable and flexible. Work environments and employees expectations have seen a dramatic shift and sales numbers are no longer the sole indicator of success. Businesses, just like athletes, need to prepare, anticipate, have an awesome team around them, find motivation, rely on a strong mindset, get into a flow state and spring into action. It’s about performance and this is why rediscovering your athlete within is the best business development strategy. By uncovering and feeding the individuals’ passions, skills and help them understand why they’re invested in what they do, your team will find more meaning, lifting the standards of their performance and increase the business success. At this point all the elements are in place for you to add your own stamp, what makes your business unique, and feel free to be more courageous and take those risks that will propel you to the next level.

Here are some of the companies I’ve worked with.


I can entertain and
inspire from a big stage

Filled with powerful stories, easy to follow slides and useful practical tools, my keynotes will have you think, laugh, question your beliefs and above all dream big.

A high energy and engaging speaker who is very passionate about his work.

Dr Louis Jen
Face to face workshops

I can deliver hands-on
workshops for smaller groups

Team building comes in many shapes and forms. My workshops are designed to inspire your staff, offer practical tools and share simple strategies to empower them to become more active, involved, energetic and fulfilled.

Dr Brett is a magician. Within minutes he has you hooked and before you know it you’ve uncovered more of yourself than you could ever imagine.

Lisa Galli
Online workshops

I can go virtual and reach
inner athletes near and far

With easy to follow steps, interactive slides, entertaining content and full of engaging stories, my virtual workshops for audiences spread across different locations and time zones.

I can always count on Dr Brett to deliver an entertaining, informative and powerful presentation.

Dr Catherine Norton

Speaker Kit

Read in more details how we can work together to deliver a presentation that is just the right fit for you and your audience.

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