The Book

What if I told you that

Everything is possible. At any age.
Including rediscovering your inner athlete.

I’ve seen it many times over. When I’ve worked with our clients. There’s a different strength and understanding that comes with maturity and one just needs to tap into that to fully enjoy the prime of their life. But there is a process to get there and that’s why I’ve written this book; to help people rediscover and reconnect to that part of them that loved being active so they can rewrite their next chapter in life.

There are million reasons to say
"later" but the time to be active is now

You have reached your 40s and 50s and of course life is busy. So many things to do and take care of with so little time. And when you finally get to exercising and moving your body, it’s too late at night or you’re simply too tired. Stats show that if you haven’t found your groove by now and enjoy an active life, you are more likely to develop chronic illnesses later on. It is no surprise that sedentary lifestyle is one of the leading causes of major diseases.

The time to be active is now. The good thing is it doesn’t need to be a slog. You don’t have to start an exercise routine you know already will bore you in just a few weeks. You don’t have to put pressure on your body to do things that it cannot do anymore. You may like ballet but doing the splits at 50 may prove to be tricky…So is playing high contact sport.

This book will show you how to go down memory lane and work out what your’e already good at, what you loved and still love doing and find out what got you out of bed in the morning. It will teach you to apply your athletic skills to your now and embrace being active as a part of life, where moving is enjoyable, meaningful and above all fun.

Book Content

This is a process book. It has sections, steps, diagrams, frameworks…so you can leave the “where am I at?” to us and just enjoy the “let’s do this now” while you explore your inner athlete at your own pace.

It is designed to get you through steps that cover many aspects of the Athlete Within. Some may resonate with you more, some will be familiar, some may open your eyes to possibilities you never considered before. The idea behind these steps is to help you find your way back to what brings you joy, tackle the obstacles that are holding you back and give you the tools you need to go after the life of your dreams.

There are 3 distinctive parts to this book. In all of them I give you ideas, thoughts and teachings I have developed and stress-tested through the years to help you through the“doing part”. To be active again does require exactly that, action, and the 10-step process of this book is designed to bring it on and get you into gear.

The 10 Steps

STEP 1: Rediscover your past to move forward
STEP 2: Understand your driving forces
STEP 3: Develop and athletic mindset
STEP 4: Find your big why
STEP 5: Set (realistic) goals
STEP 6: Boost your energy
STEP 7: Maximise your performance
STEP 8: Create rituals and routines
STEP 9: Recognise your progress
STEP 10: Celebrate the wins


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What People Think About Rediscover Your Athlete Within

What an excellent book. It certainly made me review the steps I have taken! It is very helpful for us all to ensure we keep moving and really think how we want to be at 80 or 90.

Judy Snowdon

Pilates and DNS instructor

What a eye-opening approach to finding not only my inner athlete, but inner strength and confidence and love for self. The Athlete Within was able to capture and explain my darkest moments and turned them into actionable steps.

Purely delightful reading.

Dr Catherine Norton

CEO and Director, Heal with Laser

What an inspiring book to get you to appreciate the Athlete Within. His stories of his patients and their journey really gets you to think…”what’s holding me back.” Brett you got me to start making changes in my life thanks to your book.

Dr. Mayoor Patel

Author of “Sleep Apnea Hurts the cure doesn’t have to” and “Take a bite out of pain”

Brett has an unmatched passion for physical wellbeing. I know because I spent 15 years attending his Sydney clinic. Brett has been an essential ingredient in ensuring my athletic performance at 60 is superior to that of when I was 40. Sounds unbelievable but its true. The man works miracles ….. I have seen them with my own eyes.

Craig Anderson

Executive Director, Princeton

This book made me reflect internally about whether I’ve been doing a good enough job at making the most of me, particularly the physical me. How much better condition could I be in? I’ll be 67 shortly – I think I should resume training. If, like most, you have let your physical condition slip, you may want to consult the excuses list in this book and then embrace the strategies suggested to do something about it.

Dr John L Kelly


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