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5 tips to keep your New Year’s resolutions alive

It’s February. Another New Years Eve has come and gone, and probably so have some of your resolutions. We all raised a glass of Champagne at the stroke of midnight…
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What is Rediscover Your Athlete Within?

A lot of people ask me what Rediscover Your Athlete Within is all about and who is it for. My answer, really, is simple and it often hits people in…
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Tying Shoe Laces

How Tying Shoe Laces Changed a Man’s Life

Working with people 1:1 means I am the very happy recipient of the most incredible transformational stories, many of which literally change people’s lives (and the lives of those around…
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Hear It From the Master Athlete Within: Cathy Freeman

Cathy Freeman was one of the greatest Australian runners of all time and has certainly made history at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Today, at 49 years of age, she is…
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