Hear It From the Master Athlete Within: Cathy Freeman

Cathy Freeman was one of the greatest Australian runners of all time and has certainly made history at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Today, at 49 years of age, she is the epitome of the Athlete Within. She doesn’t enjoy competing and calls exercise “body practice”, a much softer term, one that resonates more with where she’s at. “It’s about moving and leaning into what your body’s natural capability is.” On top of the physical aspect, she also reminds us of the emotional impact that moving can have on people. It’s all intertwined. Mind, Body, Heart. 

I love how she’s encouraging people to put beliefs and egos aside and just go for it, try running (or  – may I add – any other activity really), for the enjoyment of it, for the benefits of it, for the fun.

You can watch her full interview here: 


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