What is Rediscover Your Athlete Within?

A lot of people ask me what Rediscover Your Athlete Within is all about and who is it for. My answer, really, is simple and it often hits people in the face as they expect something elaborate, hard to achieve, that – sadly – doesn’t last the test of time. Well, the secret is move!

Hitting the 40s and 50s is a turning point, it’s decision time. What we do from that moment on impacts the way we live the rest of our life. The thinking behind what I do and what I coach is about challenging and guiding people through those sticky middle years to help them get off the couch and get active. Some may need a little nudge, others a big kick, but everyone can create a shift, reignite their passion, see the possibilities and redefine their future on their own terms. It’s about giving people a new lease on life.

I believe everyone has an athlete within, built upon all the skills developed since birth. Crawling, walking, running, playing in the backyard and through sports and activities we enjoyed growing up. We just need to take a good walk down memory lane, rediscover our athletic essence and harness who we already are, today, right now.

This approach was born from decades of clinical experience, research and the learnings behind overcoming a very personal wake up call. I have created a practical 10-step process that is easy to follow and take people on a journey of rediscovery. It’s about redefining the idea of an athlete by exploring the past, our predispositions and strengths to work out what we’re already good at, what we loved doing and still love doing today. Learning from the past, we can then apply these innate athletic skills to the now, keeping in mind the limitations we are faced with daily: busy schedules, ageing bodies and exercise routines we already know will bore us in just a few weeks.

The 10 steps are designed to challenge your thinking and patterns and encourage break throughs to open up possibilities. I have just put the finishing touches on my book Rediscover Your Athlete Within which explains this process in great detail and encourages readers to act. It is full of relatable stories, practical strategies, hands-on exercises and touches on aspects of our life we don’t necessarily put attention to but actually have a huge impact on the way we live: mindset, sleep, energy, routines…the reasons we do things the way we do. Ultimately, I challenge the idea of what it is like to age so you can take control of how you live the PM of your life.

In a nutshell, Rediscover Your Athlete Within is about acknowledging where you’re at and allowing yourself to go after a life well lived. The key is just being active as a part of who you are, where moving can be enjoyable, meaningful and above all fun, just like it used to be.

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