Lisa Lillie

Manager | Mama | Cook

Although relatively new to the world of the Athlete Within, her background as Executive Assistant and Office Manager brings a deep understanding of people’s needs and she simply has a knack for foreseeing what has to be done at the exact right time. 

Lisa genuinely can’t help but help. She loves nothing more than interacting with people, sharing her motherly wisdom and embracing everyone with her huge, warm smile.

Born in the Italian part of Switzerland, Lisa speaks 5 languages and is never short of a story. She graduated from the University of Lugano majoring in Journalism and Communications. A keen and curious traveller, Lisa has visited and lived in many countries but truly feels at home in Australia.

Lisa Athlete Within journey began when she was just a few days old. A congenital hip condition saw her spending hours every week with physiotherapists and ruled her out of high-impact activities. Out of options, her dad decided to take her along to one of his Karate lesson and that was it, love at first sight. She connected to its spiritual side and found strength within herself and her body. Fast forward “a few” years, Lisa is now back at the dojo where she truly belongs.

Lisa brings an infectious energy to everyone who crosses her path. She is a great multitasker but she still can’t walk and drink coffee at the same time.

When not sharing Athlete Within tips on our socials or busy playing with her three children, you can most probably find her climbing up one of Hobart’s hills foraging for food or in the kitchen, whipping up delicious (mostly Italian) dishes for Brett and their kids.